It is easy to fall into the trap of “My boiler works fine I don’t need it serviced” or “I’ll get it serviced when it breaks down”. When it comes to Heating your home, you Boiler is a precious tool!

Your Boiler is the heart of your Heating system. A service does not only prevent your heating from breaking down, It also ensures your system is running efficiently and safely.

As a Boiler is a gas appliance, it is utterly important it is checked regularly to ensure safety of the occupants of the home be it a tenant or your family. The process working is simply a lit flame supplied by gas that heats your water through a heat exchanger. This lit flame needs to be supplied with the correct amount of gas to run efficiently. If this is not the correct mixture your system could be over gassing and costing you too much on your gas bill!

Without correct gas analyzing equipment it is impossible to tell if your boiler is running efficiently. Don’t spend unnecessary money on your gas bill. Call us today for more information on system safety and discuss our range of service plans with one of our engineers.