Homesafe Solutions

Here at Homesafe we pride ourselves upon customer service. We believe that a providing a professional and reliable service to the customer is the key to a successful business, which is why we tailor our business plan to match our ever-growing customer base.

 We operate an online accounting system that allows our customers to view their quotes or invoices with ease allowing them to record their spending with us along with easily accepting or declining a quotation. All invoices or quotations are stored indefinitely within this system allowing property developers / Estate agents or landlords to keep all invoices safe for their personal accounting.

With a fully qualified and competent work force you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands with Homesafe.


Ricky McDonnell
Managing Director

Ricky founded Homesafe in 2012 upon completion of his apprenticeship at The Royal Mint, Llantrisant. Here he studied electrical engineering picking up various skills along the way such as project management, Time management and more importantly customer relations.

Having completed his apprenticeship obtaining a degree in mechatronic engineering, he set out on a new venture founding Homesafe.

The sole aim of Homesafe right from the start was providing the customer with the quality and affordable service they deserve and require, as he believes this is the key to any successful business.

Michael Gutierrez
Contracts Manager / Electrical Manager

Michael joined the Homesafe team as an equal partner shortly after it’s founding. With his wide range of knowledge and skills within the gas engineering and plumbing trade he quickly became an asset the company.

Michael horned his skills completing an apprenticeship with a local plumbing & heating company. He then went on to work for various companies picking up new skills along the way before deciding he was ready to put his skills to good use and start his own company.

Shane McDonnell
Gas Engineer

Shane joined the team in early 2015. Being the brother of Ricky they both shared the same passion for the trade and property maintenance. Having been working since young with his father within the building trade Shane has completed courses incorporating many different trades such as Painting & Decorating and Carpentry & Joinery.

Having the skills to operate within the construction environment and a keen eye for aesthetics he quickly adapted all his skills and picked up the plumbing & heating trade. He is now another valued member to our team who strives for positive feedback!